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What's new in Zencrack?

The latest release of Zencrack is version 8.3-1 which was finalised in July 2018.

The list below contains information about releases since version 8.0. Similar information for version 7.x is available here.

Version 8.3-1 Finalised 6 July 2018 Details
Version 8.2-2 Finalised 11 December 2017 Details
Version 8.2-1 Finalised 21 August 2017
Version 8.1-1 Finalised 30 January 2017 Details
Version 8.0-1 Finalised 03 February 2016

These videos show some features of the Zencrack GUI:

The first commercially available version of Zencrack was released in 1990. Since then considerable development effort has been put into the software making it the 'tool of choice' for 3D fracture mechanics applications.


Zencrack history

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What's new in Zencrack
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