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Founded as an engineering and software development consultancy, the company has maintained both aspects of these services from the beginning. Consultancy activities have ranged from small jobs lasting only a few days to large scale projects spanning many months. Engineering analysis for these projects has ranged from hand calculations to complex non-linear finite element analysis.

Major consultancy projects include:

  • leak before break studies under high temperature and pressure transient loading conditions including startup and shutdown conditions
  • derivation of an analytical methodology to predict aircraft engine component fatigue lives as an alternative to expensive mechanical fatigue testing
  • forensic analysis to examine the effect of roll and mis-alignment of the roller bearing on fatigue crack growth development
  • fatigue analysis of riser hang-off structure for an offshore field development

Zentech has always recognised the benefit of consultancy services to the ongoing development of successful software; only through regular application to real-world problems can our programs evolve and continue to be relevant.

In continuous development since 1990, our main software Zencrack has achieved many milestones, notably the development of a true 3D fatigue crack propagation facility.

We also collaborate with universities and industry in the research and development of engineering theories and techniques.

Zentech is a corporate member of The National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards (NAFEMS) and a member of the UK Forum for Engineering Structural Integrity (FESI).

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