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Established in 1980, Zentech International Limited (Zentech) is an independent UK based technology company providing state-of-the-art software simulation solutions and consultancy services to major international companies across a wide range of industries including energy, nuclear, aerospace and automotive. Recently, having merged with BTA Solutions Limited, based at Brunel University Science Park, Zentech has close research and development links with Brunel's academic community and its state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities.

We specialise in development and application of innovative simulation tools by developing mathematical and computational models of real physical structures in a variety of engineering fields. Our expert consultancy services are supported by our in-house portfolio of advanced computer analysis software.

Zentech has developed a number of engineering application software programs, including Zencrack, ZenRiser and Pipeline for varied applications:

  • Zencrack: Develops focussed finite element meshes at crack tips and evaluates fracture mechanics parameters (e.g. stress intensity factor, energy release rate). The software uses these parameters to carry out 3D crack propagation simulations, assessment of crack initiation fracture toughness, residual life prediction and to help create failure assessment diagrams. A range of loading histories is supported for general fatigue and creep loading systems. The software is interfaced with Abaqus, Ansys and Simcenter Nastran finite element codes.

  • ZenRiser: Performs non-linear dynamic analysis for design and analysis of flexible riser and umbilical configurations. This also includes installation of large diameter HDPE outfall pipes by a floatout and sink method.

  • Pipeline: Performs fast 3D static, non-linear stress analysis of various situations encountered during offshore pipeline installation and operation. This includes pipe laying using a barge with stinger or ramp.

We have completed numerous assignments throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, USA, South America and the Far East. We also offer expertise and training services in the areas of Finite Element Analysis, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Our staff have a wealth of industrial and academic experience in these areas and many enjoy international recognition in their fields of expertise.

Note - Zentech International Limited is neither a sister nor affiliated company of any other similar-named organisation anywhere else in the world.