Pipe stress

Zentech's experience in pipeline and piping engineering is based on a wide range of projects, including pipe stress analysis (static, seismic and dynamic), optimisation of snubber supports, development of design methodology for seismic design of plant pipework, design of pipework supports and support steelwork, and pipewhip-rupture. Other related areas of involvement include fatigue life prediction of welds, upheaval buckling and local stress analysis incorporating the effects of plasticity and creep.

Projects include:

  • examining the methods of seismic qualification of pipework and plant in the nuclear industry for British Nuclear Fuels plc; details
  • completing analyses for British Gas Scotland for many of their Transmission Regulator Stations; details
  • pipe stress analyses on specific areas of pipework to determine compliance with ANSI B31.3 were carried out for the Malaysian Rural Water Supply Authority
  • stress analyses for British Oxygen Corporation Cryoplants using the pipe stress program P10ZTL (program by the Dutch authority 'Dienst Voor Het Stoomwezen')
  • a number of gas transmission offtake stations in Wales (for Powergen) and Hong Kong and new territories were analysed to requirements of IGE/TD/12:1985 for International Gas Apparatus Ltd.