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Zentech is an independent UK-based company providing engineering consultancy and software to major international companies.

Zentech specialises in applying advanced engineering techniques to engineering problems. These include detailed simulation of 3D non-planar crack growth, assessment of structural integrity, forensic analyses, design of offshore flexible riser systems and controlled floatout/sinking of large diameter HDPE outfall pipes.

Our services are supported by in-house proprietary software such as Zencrack and Zenriser, and third-party analysis and design software. Foremost among these is our 3D crack analysis tool Zencrack, providing a state-of-the-art fracture mechanics capability for modelling and analysing 3D cracks, predicting their behaviour and growth under both fatigue and time-dependent loading. Recent project work includes:

  • leak before break studies under high temperature and pressure transient loading conditions including startup and shutdown conditions
  • derivation of an analytical methodology to predict aircraft engine component fatigue lives as an alternative to expensive mechanical fatigue testing
  • forensic analysis to examine the effect of roll and mis-alignment of the roller bearing on fatigue crack growth development
Typical application areas