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Zentech is an independent UK-based company providing consultancy services and software to major international engineering companies.

For over 30 years, Zentech has specialised in applying advanced engineering techniques to many engineering problems. These include the analysis and design of offshore structures, detailed modelling and simulation of 3D non-planar crack growth, and carrying out forensic engineering studies to determine the cause of structural failure.

Our services are supported by proprietary as well as third-party analysis and design tools. Foremost among these is our 3D crack analysis tool Zencrack, a state-of-the-art fracture mechanics capability for modelling and analysing 3-dimensional cracks, predicting their behaviour and growth under both fatigue and time-dependent loading. Recent project work includes:

  • derivation of an analytical methodology to predict aircraft engine component fatigue lives as an alternative to expensive mechanical fatigue testing
  • forensic analysis to examine the effect of roll and mis-alignment of the roller bearing on fatigue crack growth development
  • linear and non-linear analysis of a range of crack sizes and locations in a battle tank.
Typical application areas